Start-up Mania

  • Startup ManiaNile University has hosted start-Up Mania, a student event organized by IEEE MUST Student Branch at NU campus from September 24th through 26th 2014. The event provided ideation training for over 100 participants coming from different universities from all over Egypt over the span of 3 days under the theme energy crisis. Start Up Mania also featured motivational speakers from the fields of technology, entrepreneurship and NGOs with the aim of encouraging youth to take initiative and explore possibilities of turning challenges into opportunities.

Start-Up Weekend Giza

  • startup weekend GizaNile University has hosted Start-up Weekend Giza from November 20th through November 22nd 2014, as part of the International Start-up Weekend Series. Start-up Weekend is a global activity aiming at encouraging entrepreneurs around the world to develop their ideas and start their businesses. 3 of the SW Giza made it to the international finals, and SWGiza was the winner of the international hash-tag battle being the most quoted Start-up Weekend in the world.

Intel Ideation Camp for Youth

  • Intel Youth Ideation CampNile University has hosted Intel Ideation Youth Camp from December 18th through December 20th 2014. The event provided ideation training for youth and teenagers from different schools across Egypt. The event which operated under the theme education challenges, has encouraged young people to think of innovative technologies that can be adopted to solve education problems in Egypt.