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Following the success of the undergraduate research forum during the last five semesters and looking forward for more, Nile university is preparing for the 6th Undergraduate Research Forum. If you are interested to join our jury committee for the 6th UGRF that will be held on May 19th please fill in this form:


Prof. Courses Proj. Students Awards Winner Project OR Team Name
Eng. Ahmed Abo Bakr Innovation in arts and crafts (Arts-108) 7 22 2

.  Smart Trixie Basket


Dr. Samhaa Elbeltagy computer programming competition 2 12 2
  •  First Place:

.  Ahmed Emad Ahmed

.  Amir El Kess Oghostinos

.  Amira Abou El Kheer Ali

.  Hazem Taha Hamid M.

.  Shaimaa Emad Ahmed

.  Tasneem Wael.

  • Second Place

.  Abdelrahman Ezzat.

.  Ahmed Nasser Mohamed

.  Hany Hamed Aly Elanwar

.  Hossam El-Din sayed

.  Ibrahim mohamed

.  Omar Mohamed ElGhandour

Dr. Ahmed Madian

Fundamental of Electrical Engineering


12 60 3

.  AM Modulator

.  GIC-Based Filter

.  Active Twin T filter

Dr. Mohamed Wahby

Introduction to Engineering Disciplines


6 30 2

.  Hamza Elshennawy Team

.  Real Steel

Eng. Ahmed Hamdy

Engineering Design


45 225 5


.  Rowing Machine for Disabled Players

.  Training Wheelchair

.  Developing a Design for a Rope Launcher

.  VASA Swimming Machine

Eng. Ahmed Hamdy

Solid Modeling and Workshops


30 150 5

.  Seeds Distributer for Planting Operations

.  Thresher Machine with Automatic Feeder

.  Rotary Hydroponic

.  Cable Tree Shaker

.  Palm Tree Climber

Dr. Irene samy Material processing and technologies (IENG-402) 3 5 1 .  The Synthesis, Production & Analysis of PLA
Dr. Sally Kassem

Modeling and simulation


5 34 1 .  Production Line Simulation at TREDCO
Dr. Sally Kassem

Warehouse science and operation


4 35 1 .  SWOT Analysis of HyperOne’s Warehouse
Dr. Nashwa Abdelbaki Information and Decision Support (IENG-514) 4 8 1 .  Ghareeb Project Case study
Dr. Mohamed Wafa

Ana. Geometry and Calculus II


23 164 5

.  Controlling epileptic seizures with PI controller

.  PID Controller for DC Motor

.  Numerical Integration for Model of Spiking Neurons

.  Head Injury Criterion (HIC)

.  Amplitude Demodulation Process

Dr. Laila Hesham Introduction to probability and statistics (Math-201E) 20 100 5

.  Hash Function and Probability of Hash Collisions

.  Using Probability in Car Accidents Models


.  The Utilization of Bayes’ Law in the prediction of genetic inheritance

.  ECG Identification

Dr. Yasser Abd El Latif

Discrete Math


4 14 1 .  L-Systems
Dr. Mohamed Elbeltagy

Linear Algebra


30 160 6

.  Using Computer Graphics in Identifying the Shortest Path


.  ECG Identification System

.  Mathematical Modeling of Robot Kinematics Using Linear Algebra

.  Big Data Decomposition prediction / Recommendation systems

.  Cloaking Phenomena

Dr. Yasser Mahmoud Ayid

Probability & Statistics for Engineers


5 15 1 .  Probablistics approaches of pedestrains dynamic (queuing theory)
Dr. Ahmad Taher Azar Automatic Control systems (MENG-414) 3 9 1 .  Automatic house cleaning
Dr. Nader Mansour Fundamentals of Mechatronics (MENG-416) 3 1 .  Self-Balancing Arm
Dr. Amr Guaily Internal Combustion Engines (MENG-424) 4 8 1 .  GFD Simulation of Combustion in Traditional Pottery Furnace
Dr. Nader Mansour

Digital Control Systems


3 1 .  Ball on Plate
Dr. Yasser El-Batawy

Physics II


9 33 2

.  Painting Pendulum

.  Acoustic Levitation

Total 222 500+ 47  

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