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Al Alfi Foundation (AAF) Scholarship

Al Alfi Foundation and Nile University are offering full scholarship to students applying to earn a bachelor’s Degree in Engineering at NU covering the 5 years duration of study

Eligibility criteria:

  • STEM Schools Graduates minimum score of 92%
  • Nile Schools Graduates minimum score of 95%
  • High school (Thanaweya Amma) holder with no less than 99%
  • Demonstrate a strong record of extra-curricular activities, research, innovation, creativity, entrepreneurship abilities and participation in philanthropic activities
  • In addition to satisfying admission requirements at NU, including English language proficiency, academic excellence.

Application Process

  • Fill Scholarship Application Form and send to Scholarship office
  • Fill NU Online Application and select ‘Apply for Full Scholarship’ and specify the name of the funding organization in the available box
  • Short-listed candidates fulfilling the above-mentioned criteria will be invited to an interview to determine the final selection

Scholarship Policy

Please note the following:

  • Students must make satisfactory academic progress toward completion of their degree requirements. A scholarship recipient is required to achieve and maintain a 3.3 GPA throughout the course of study. If the scholar fails to do so in any given semester, AAF will reduce the amount to be paid in the invoice by 25% for one semester. If the scholar again fails to fulfill the GPA requirements, the sponsorship will freeze. The annual review will include courses completed up through the spring term of that academic year.
  • The scholarship program is designed to help students complete their degree requirements within a limited period and is generally not available beyond that point.  Dropping out of or failing any of the courses is not allowed.
  • Maintaining an acceptable level of attendance in all classes and receive no disciplinary warnings is a must.
  • The scholar is supposed to finish his studies within an agreed number of years. If the scholar fails to do, the cost of education of the extra years will be not be paid by AAF.
  • Financial need is a must for the Scholarship. This should be cleared stated, proven and supported by the student’s application. Final decision in this regard will be taken by AAF committee.