[vc_row disable_element=”yes”][vc_column][vc_column_text]Comments of some Nile University undergraduate students who have done summer internships through Nile University channels.


Emad Sherif
Internship : TE Data in the HR department
Year : Summer 2010 for 2 months
Responsibilities: all HR functions of interviewing – screening – training and development – assessment – compensation and benefits.
Learned lessons: self-confidence – responsibility – learned how to deal with and assess people – learned how to think and execute the work required – Although it is not related to my major (engineering), it was very useful to work in a management field which will reflect positively on my chosen field (engineering needs a knowledge of management too)
Achievements : Best Trainee in HR department Certificate of Appreciation They called and asked for his help the year after his internship in the HR department.
Advice : must go through internships to prepare yourself for the practical life ahead
Hussein Amr Abdel Aziz
Internship : TE Data in OMG (Operations Management)department.
Year : Summer 2010 for 2 months
Responsibilities: Studying the procedures for any process in the company whether engineering or management.
Learned lessons: very good working experience – learned that systems are needed for any successful business – made good relationships with others – learned the importance of time
Advice : very important to go through internships to feel the real life work environment.
Donia Amr Mohamed
Internship : TE Data in the Enterprise Customer Operations Department and OMG department.
Year : Summer 2010 and 2011 for 1 month each time.
Responsibilities In the first year it was general administrative work, but in the second one it was engineering work.
Learned lessons: team work – responsibility – lines of authority – how to work – working in the operations department helped me choose communication as my major – enjoyed second year more as it was a more friendly environment.
Advice : must go through internships as they are fun – learn a lot about real life work environment, gain experience which gives you an advantage later on and prepares you when facing real life.
Habiba el Sayyadd
Internship : Vodafone Smart Village in the Retail Development Project (Marketing).
Year : Summer 2011 for 1.5 month.
Responsibilities: Helped in organizing Internal events & Monotironing Stores
Learned lessons Very pleasant work environment – responsibility for a whole task and being accountable for it – Patience – learn about the real work environment.
Advice : Work as much as you can. Everything you do is a new experince that will defiently add alot to your life
Ayatallah Gamal Youssef
Internship : Promoseven in the Accounts Management Department (Nestle – Nescafé)
Year : Summer 2010 for 1 month.
Responsibilities : market research on the product that the account is responsible for .
Learned lessons how to look for details and evaluate options – real life work is hard – how to deal with different kinds of people- discovered that not all people live in my world but as a matter of fact mine is a very small world and there are other totally different and diverse worlds existing – helped me to decide the career I want to enter when I graduate. At first I wanted to work in marketing, but after going through this work experience, I realized that it is the last field I want to work in.
Advice : the internship experience helped me understand much which I would have spent a long time to understand after graduating.
Ahmed Nassar
Internship : Palm Paper in the Management Office
Year : Summer 2011 for 1.5 month.
Responsibilities : Designing boxes, brochures and the web page.
Learned lessons the work process- dealing with people.
Achievements : I Still work with them occasionally upon their request.
Advice : Gained real life experience including how to design and deliver tasks.
Mahmoud Hossam
Internship : Piraeus Bank (Card Center/Marketing)
Promoseven (Account Management – McDonald’s)
Year : Summer 2010 and 2011 for 1.5 month and 1 month.
Responsibilities : Sales in the first internship and marketing research in the second.
Learned lessons how to collect data professionally – study consumer behavior – networking – helped me to define exactly what I want to be.
Advice : Hands on real working experience is very important in determining one’s future.
Hady Rashwan
Internship : CULTNAT (Research Department/IT Department)
Year : Summer 2011 for 2.5 months.
Responsibilities : worked on Mechatronics program.
Learned lessons : accuracy – importance of time – networking – helped in deciding my major(computer) in engineering.
Advice : real working experience is essential for a student.
Mohamed Omar Abdel Aziz
Internship : Piraeus Bank (Card center)
Year : Summer 2011 for 1 month.
Responsibilities : Sales and Customer Relations.
Learned lessons: how to deal with problems – how to deal with people and systems – get into contact with different cultures – helped me in deciding what I do not want to work in, in the future (no banks) which was good for me to decide now, rather than when I graduate.
Advice : it is very good to go through the experience and get to know the real life work environment.
Hassan El Emam
Internship : Promoseven (Account Management – Nescafé team)
Year : Summer 2011 for 1 month.
Responsibilities : marketing research.
Learned lessons how to deal with people – fun – helped me decide not to work in the advertising field, although I was dying to do that.
Advice : Internships are work experience, even if just watching others work.
Ahmed Hossam
Internship : NISC(Nanoelectronics Integrated Systems Center) at Nile University and CULTNAT (IT Department)
Year : Summer 2010 (3 weeks ) and 2011 (2.5 months).
Responsibilities : C language programming and hardware work in the first .Net research and software programming in the second. .
Learned lessons team work – work relations which are completely different than relations in the university – communication skills.
Advice : real working experience, very useful.
Mai Ayman Abdel Moneim
Internship : CULTNAT (Graphics and Information Systems Department)
Year : Summer 2010 (1 month).
Responsibilities : site visits and photographing, designing related brochure.
Learned lessons learned new skills never thought of before – visited places I never did before – made a difference in the architecture course that I took later in the university – tolerance – work should be done whether one likes it or not.
Advice : real working experience – good exposure – interaction.
Ahmed Khalil
Internship : Promoseven (Account Management – McDonald’s)
Year : Summer 2011 (1 month).
Responsibilities : market research
Learned lessons learned how to look professionally at things – time management – being a student is one thing and working is another totally different thing – work is serious – every action has consequences that you must bear.
Advice : real work experience – knowing people – responsibility.
Mohamed Amr Omar
Internship : Mobinil (Data Center and System Administration)
Year : Summer 2011 (1 month).
Responsibilities : IT work.
Learned lessons working under pressure – having fun – Benefits even if just watching others work without carrying out any work functions.
Advice : real work experience – very useful to have it on your cv.

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