CATEGORIES OF ADMISSION Students are admitted to NU under any one of the following categories:

    1. Full Admission: Granted to students who have met all admission requirements.
    2. Provisional Admission: Granted for one semester only to students who have not fully satisfied one or more of the application requirements.
    3. Post Baccalaureate Admission: Provides graduate study opportunities for:
        – Qualified applicants who, for approved reasons, do not wish to work toward an advanced degree. This would be appropriate for those students who have special objectives for professional study or scholarly work;
        – Students enrolled in a graduate program elsewhere but desiring to earn graduate credit at Nile University for the purpose of transferring it back to the other institution;
        – Students already holding the master’s degree or doctorate but who desire additional course work in their field.
    4. Students who are applying under the post-baccalaureate status must submit all admission requirements outlined earlier except for the GRE and the GMAT which they are exempted from.No more than a total of twelve (12) credit hours may be taken while in post-baccalaureate status. No credit taken in this status can be applied towards any graduate degree at NU. Students admitted under the post-baccalaureate status should realize that their future admission to full admission status is unlikely. The mere accumulation of graduate course credits is not sufficient justification to permit entrance into any of NU graduate programs.
    5. Non-Degree Admission: This category provides an opportunity for graduate study for qualified teachers or professionals who do not wish to work toward an advanced degree but who for professional reasons need to continue to take graduate courses and have already taken 12 credits in Post-Baccalaureate Status. No more than a total of twelve (12) credit hours may be taken while in this status. No credit taken in this status can be applied toward a graduate degree at the University. A letter explaining the need for the course work by the student’s employer must accompany the application
    6. Auditors: Applicants who would like to attend certain classes without earning any credit may apply as auditors. This category of admission is dependent on space availability. Students are not eligible to sit for examinations, submit papers and assignments, earn academic credit and grade, or receive any enrollment certification from Nile University.


Readmission may be granted to students in good academic standing who have not been continuously enrolled in regular sessions. Students must contact the appropriate departmental office three months in advance of registration. If additional college work has been completed elsewhere since the last enrollment at Nile University, an official transcript will be required. Please refer to additional policies and procedures of the specific program for additional information about readmission.


All graduate work to be transferred for credit from other institutions must be completed within four years of the time of admission to Nile University. Only graduate courses with a grade of B or equivalent can be transferred to NU.


Enrollment at NU starts with admission, but a student is only registered if he/she has been advised for course selection, paid tuition and presented the approved registration card to the Registrar’s Office.


Full-time students are graduate students taking nine or more graduate credits in a regular semester, or six or more graduate credits in a trimester.